Diary of a Drum and Bass life...

Diary of a Drum and Bass life...

Seba and Paradox’s elegant production alongside Kirsty Hawkshaws unadulterated and palpable voice is just perfect Sunday jamming material. ‘The Light’ still gives me the same chills I had back in 2011 when it was released on Critical, an absolutely stunning piece of music! It may sound like a cheesy alliteration, but it’s all about Seba Sundays! 

One of the many good things about going on a cruise for two weeks without internet is that when you return there is an abundance of great music to listen to. Tokyo Prose (who were once a duo before Sam Reed continued as a solo artist) has slowly charmed his way onto the dnb scene over the last few years with a number of releases, including the beautiful ‘introducing Tokyo Prose’ EP in 2011. After much anticipation, the New Zealand producer is finally going to put us out of our misery with his first, full length LP. Although it’s only a sampler, it only takes a few seconds to immediately fall head over heels with his unique and breath-taking style. ‘Presence’ is due for release on the 4th August on Samurai Music so make sure you pre-order now. I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks that it is going to be one of the best albums of 2014!

Holiday tunes…

Going on holiday for two weeks tomorrow and trying to fill my iPod with as many mixes and tunes as possible is becoming quite arduous. Luckily though there are loads of new mixes about at the moment. I’m really loving the new Critical Rinse FM podcast with Halogenix and the recent Tokyo Prose mix for Sun and Bass. Also, Skeptical’s Sun and Bass mix is straight rollin’ from start to finish. Need to start going to more raves again when I get back!

The Family Creative boys have smashed it once again with this video of the Dispatch night at Plan B, Brixton a couple of months back. Looking back at it has reminded me how much of a sick night that was, cannot wait for the next one on the 22nd August! 

The production on this track is incredible! The way it transcends from a smooth almost jazzy vibe to a more rambunctious tone is mesmerising, it is also an intrepid journey into the Metalheadz soundscape. Blocks and Escher have managed to encapture the whole Metalheadz ethos whilst doing what comes naturally to them, remarkable! 

My second #tbt goes way back, four years back. It was the time when Southampton was saved from crappy music and a night for the heads was born! 

My second #tbt goes way back, four years back. It was the time when Southampton was saved from crappy music and a night for the heads was born! 

Yes, I’m SO glad this has finally been released! I’ve had it on repeat for a while now and I think ‘Her Waves’ could be a serious contender for tune of the year! Also check out the rest of ‘Critical Presents: Systems 001” ever so beautifully crafted by Halogenix, out now on Critical Music.

I recently heard this on a Blu Mar Ten mix and it was one of those tunes you just instantly fall in love with. Judy Tsuke’s powerful yet smooth vocals and the atmospheric beat is just musical perfection! Also it’s FREE to download, can’t ask for better than that! 

Lenzman’s debut album ‘Looking At The Stars’ finally dropped yesterday on Metalheadz, after months of anticipation, 

The fifteen track LP is varied and thoroughly showcases Lenzman’s musical talents, from his trademark soulful sound as effortlessly demonstrated in ‘Paper Faces’, which has been on heavy rotation in mixes lately. It features the sublime vocal talents of Martyna Baker and has already become an instant classic. ‘Starz’ is another hallmark Lenzman piece, Kevin Kings soft vocals fused with anthemic strings and piano melodies makes it one of my favourite tracks on the album.

We have all become accustomed to the Dutch producers soulful side over the years, however he proves he’s no one trick pony and has thrown in some rollers in the form of ‘Private Eye’ and the thought provoking ‘Collapse’. Just when you think there are no more surprises, there is also a down tempo number, ‘Anticipate’, once again featuring Martyna Baker. Lenzman has spread his creative wings and produced an album that will have great longevity in a scene that is constantly changing and evolving. 

Now the difficult question, favourite track? I’d have to say ‘Just Can’t Take’ is the perfect Summer anthem. With strong hip hop influences and DRS on vocals, what more can you ask for? In all honesty though as a long time fan of Lenzman I, of course enjoyed the whole LP. It’s always interesting to see how far a producer will go when making an album, sometimes it’s too predictable or too experimental, but he has managed to find the perfect balance, definitely a contender for album of the year.

Check out the sampler on Soundcloud, or better that, buy ‘Looking At The Stars’ now! 

My first rave themed #tbt is from a Critical Sound night at The Cellar, Southampton in 2011. Kasra, S.P.Y, Judda, Krakota, Gerra and Stone played and I still remember it being such a good night, back in Release’s glory days (i’m at the front with my hand up in the air). You can also check out my interview with S.P.Y from that night, probably my favourite interview I’ve done, S.P.Y goes deep about the meaning of ‘By Your Side’ http://youtu.be/XNH2lKCsJCI

Video and photo credits to - Luis Arnold and Jessica Durham