Diary of a Drum and Bass life...

Diary of a Drum and Bass life...

Also released today is the ‘Make Meals’ EP by Foreign Concept. The title track is a hip hop inspired dance floor filler with it’s infectious lyrics and genre defying beat. Personal favourite, ‘When You’re Alone’ is a smooth mixture of rumbling bass, haunting atmospheric textures and emotional vocals. ‘Endless Fade’ follows suit but with soft piano melodies. It also features the vocal talents of Naomi Olive, who’s angelic voice completes this masterpiece. The vibe then switches again with ‘Ask Yourself’ featuring KLAX which is a funky, half time roller. The EP also features two digital only tracks titled ‘The Volks’ and the Hyroglifics remix of ‘Falling Stars’ ft DRS. ‘Make Meals’ is Foreign Concept at his best so grab now from Critical Music! 

Today Blu Mar Ten have released another instalment of remixes from their ‘Famous Lost Words’ album. Part two features Kid Drama, Conduct and Anile who’s remix of ‘Remembered Her Wrong’ is simply stunning. Also make sure you purchase directly from blumarten.com for a bargain price of £1.79! 

Now the dust has settled after Outlook Festival, it’s time to turn attention to what’s on the horizon. Although Southampton’s dnb scene has stalled over the past year or so, there is a silver lining in the form of Shogun Audio at Roxx on the 18th October. They will be celebrating 10 years in the game with label giants Friction, Rockwell and Joe Ford, also special guest DJ Marky with his unique mixing skills and diverse tune selection. A much needed breath of fresh air for the City!

Outlook Festival 2014.

Do you ever wake up from an epic dream and rattle your brain for the next few hours trying to piece it together again? Well that was Outlook Festival for me this year. I often struggle to put down into words how great it is but this year was something else entirely.

After enduring the Sunshine Bus for twenty odd hours, I arrived in Croatia for the fourth consecutive year thinking that I knew what to expect, oh how wrong I was! After setting up camp and reuniting with the crew we began proceedings on the Thursday with the Uprise Audio Boat party featuring LSN, Asylum, Seven, Truth and good friend Joe Raygun on hosting duties. I’m not much of a dubstep connoisseur so I can’t really comment on specific tracks, but the overall vibe was the perfect start to the Festival.

Now, I can’t pretend that I wasn’t utterly devastated that Calibre didn’t play on the Marky and Friends Clearing takeover, however, Transit Mafia did his upmost to restore the Calibre shaped hole left in all of us and the feelings of disappointment soon melted away. Then dBridge took to the stage with another exciting, educational and epic blend of old and new. The man himself, Marky also standardly smashed the dance and Die ended the show on top form.

Friday was the return of the infamous Dispatch party in the Moat. We headed down at 8 to catch my friends Gerra and Stone, who bought the dance to life from the get go. They effortlessly scaled the Dispatch back catalogue and set the tone perfectly for the rest of the evening. Quadrant and Iris then took to the decks for their debut Outlook performance and carried on the techy drum and bass foray. The rest of the evening was standardly spent in and out of The Moat with quality sets from the likes of Marcus Intalex, DLR, Safire, Finna, Cern, Optiv, BTK and label boss Ant TC1. Friday was also another proud moment for the Southampton crew as we headed to the Ballroom to catch Levi Jules’ genre defying mash up of garage, hip hop and all other forms of nostalgic bass music.

Saturday night, and although my life pretty much revolves around 170, all attention turned to the Clearing stage for some 140 flavours. Geode, Phaeleh and Author all blew me away that evening. I’ve seen Phaeleh play many times before but he still captures my soul every time. The highlight of his impeccable set was when he dropped his remix of Ludovico Einaudi’s ‘Walk’. After two nights of hectic drum and bass it was a much-needed break from the norm. Geode and Author were also outstanding and what made it even better was that I had never really heard much about them before. It’s always great to be educated and if it wasn’t for Friction playing a classics set in The Void, I probably would of stayed at the Clearing all night.

The best set I’d ever seen Friction play was on the Dockside stage at Outlook 2012 but this set was on another level. Aided by the irrepressible voice of SP:MC, Friction went on what can only be described as a super quick, three deck voyage through the remarkable history of drum and bass. I didn’t witness as much of the Shogun stage that night as I would have hoped however, I retired back to camp at around 3am in order to preserve some much needed energy for the following nights antics.

Sunday night is often an endurance test at Outlook, but having left early the previous night meant that I could get fully involved in the Metalheadz takeover on the Clearing. I was thrilled to witness Source Direct, Doc Scott and Dillinja, all of which I had never seen before. They all delivered their own unique take on the Metalheadz sound, from iconic jungle through to the early foundations of drum and bass. Goldie also took the masses down another exquisite trip down memory lane, by far the best night musically of the whole Festival.

As expected, there was an abundance of quality tracks that were dropped ranging from old to new. However, the one that stuck out for me the most during Outlook this year was Mark Systems simple, yet dance destroying track “Optix” the unmistakable mid range will resonate in my mind for many weeks to come.

Aside from the all the vibes and craziness, Outlook Festival did something extra special to me this year. Those that know me know that 2014 has been plagued by grief and sadness, before Outlook I was finding it hard to piece my life back together after a family tragedy and that’s why I would like to end on a different note this time around.

Music has obviously been my main passion throughout my life but my creativity was lacking somewhat this year. The whole Outlook Festival experience has contributed a great deal to my healing process and has re-ignited my spark for music. I would like to thank Outlook and each and every artist I saw that week for reminding me why music is the greatest healer for anyone in times of adversity. 

Back to reality..

Just returned to the UK after another hectic yet amazing week at Outlook Festival. I’ll write my full review at some point, but now it’s time to sleep!

Countdown to Croatia

In about 7 hours I’ll be off to Outlook Festival once again and I could not be anymore excited. I haven’t been to many raves this year so this will more than make up for it!  Croatia Croatiaaaa 

This weeks #tbt is from Outlook last year and it’s quite fitting seeing as this time next week I’ll be back there. I literally cannot contain my excitement!

Todays Sunday sound is from a still relatively unknown producer called Forren. He has been featured in many mixes over the last year or so by the likes of Ivy Lab and Lenzman, this track featuring the unmistakable voice of Sam Wills is delightful! I expect big things from Forren in the near future. 

Outlook Festival #4 

I got drunk last night and (with a lot of influence from my friends) I ended up booking an Outlook ticket! I always knew I’d end up going, it’s just too sick to miss! Less than three weeks til I’m back in that moat!

I’m absolutely loving this new mix from DLR for Outlook Festival, it almost made me buy an Outlook ticket. Now that the Festival is just around the corner I am thinking why the hell am I not going this year?! I didn’t think I’d be that bothered as I’ve been the last three years but I am very much regretting not going now, especially if DLR plays a set like this, in the Moat!